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Go! Go! Devilbats!

Let us kill them!

Eyeshield 21
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Eyeshield 21?
Sena has just entered 10th grade in a new school, determined to begin a new life, far from his old life of being bullied. What he didn't know was that years of getting beaten up and running away from the bullies has trained him to be fast on his feet. This talent was discovered by Hiruma, the devil of Deimon High and founder of its American Football Club, the Devil Bats. He then forced Sena to join the club as it's star runningback, Eyeshield 21!

The story is written by Inagaki Riichirou and drawn by Murata Yuusuke. It is serialized in Shounen Jump, and is also available in tankoubon form until Volume 9.

Rules rule!!!
Not a lot of rules for now, seeing as this community is still very new. Just the usual for now...

1) Spoilers, fanart, and other large images must be kept under a LJ-cut.
2) Please keep the posts related to Eyeshield 21, seeing as how the community is about Eyeshield 21.
3) Respect the opinions of other members, if you want yours to be respected.
4) When posting fanart or fanfiction, even though there isn't a specific format, please give specific warnings (shounen-ai, yaoi, yuri) or the genre as to what can be found under the LJ-cut or external link.

As an ending note, some members are following the manga through Akatsuki-Manga, Mangacity, Toriyama's World and Heavenly-Alliance's scanlations and are obviously very far behind from the latest releases by Shounen Jump. However, feel free to summarize, post links to chapter raws, etc, just as long as you keep it under a LJ-cut.

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